If you answer “yes” to any of these questions you are at RISK for getting HIV:

  • Have you ever had unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex?
  • Have you ever exchanged sex for drugs or money?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, or any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
  • Have you ever injected drugs and/or shared needles, syringes or works with someone?
  • Have you ever had sex with anyone who could answer yes to any of these questions?

Know your HIV status. Know your partner’s HIV status. Protect your baby.


Early intervention is the key to prevention

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus

AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


  • Everyone should know their HIV status.
  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.
  • HIV is 100% preventable.
  • Abstinence is the only way to prevent HIV with 100% certainty.
  • HIV does not discriminate.
  • HIV prevalence in the heterosexual population is increasing.
  • Young women, especially young black women, are the fastest growing group to get HIV.
  • HIV is a serious health threat to everyone, everywhere.


  • Over 135,000 Floridians are thought to be infected with HIV.
  • Aproximatelly 25% of new HIV infections are in people under the age of 25.
  • Florida ranks third in the nation in the number of AIDS cases diagnosed through 2009.
  • Women ages 13 and over accounted for 25% of the HIV cases and 33% of the AIDS cases reported in 2010.
  • Florida is ranked second for the total number HIV/AIDS cases in children.
  • Of the 400 babies that were born to an HIV infected mother in 2014, 6 are known to be infected with HIV.

Infected Babies:

  • 2007 – 17
  • 2008 – 12
  • 2009 – 9
  • 2010 – 6
  • 2011 – 3
  • 2012 – 5
  • 2013 – 10
  • 2014 – 6

2007 2014 infected baby map

Source: Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS, 12/31/14, updated 03/16/15.