Grant for AETC Telehealth Training Centers

(Tampa, FL – July 11, 2012) The USF Center for HIV Education and Research has received additional funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration to implement the F/C AETC Telehealth Training Centers Program. The goal of this 3-year, $600,000 ($200,000/year) grant is to expand access to care and improve outcomes for HIV-infected patients residing in historically underserved communities. This goal will be accomplished through the use of telehealth technology to provide training and education to increase the internal capacity for the treatment of HIV infection and co-morbid conditions in eight clinics. These clinics have a low-volume of HIV-infected patients, do not have an HIV Specialist providing care, and are in underserved communities. Increasing the capacity of the providers to care for HIV-infected patients within their own clinics will ultimately reduce the need to refer patients out for HIV care. Additionally, in many instances, care will be provided to patients who otherwise would not have reliable access to HIV care due to their inability to travel outside of their communities for care.

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